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It’s a New Year

2016  has arrived and with it a back log of images and ideas from the end of last year. I went on an extraordinary trip in December to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. A two hour tour through history and a visual feast. I had a go at recreating the raised lines i saw around a 17th century bell and on a metal mould on to a 21st century earthenware coffee cup. I adapted one of my wooden tools to help in the task. More work to do on that but there is something in it. It is after all lines and i like lines! The ones i made all sold at the Christmas sale in Primrose Hill and the feed back was good. Some refining needed of course.

Then one cold windy walk on the beach at Sidmouth after Christmas. So many stones and so little time!   Lovely combinations of iron rich damp red sand and black, yellow red stones.  More lines and shapes to think about. I limited myself to only bringing home four favourites.


Now i need to get to work which is so much harder than thinking about it! The Sales pretty much sold out so i need to replenish stock for the shops and galleries and get on with new ideas, images and shapes.