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I spent a weekend in Cornwall with old friends taking pictures of  slate walls and dense bushes that look like scribblings. Not sure what everyone else was doing! Back to London and a morning walking  from home to Camden and back found me looming up at more walls with my camera. So many colours and lines and similarities. Thinking i might try some ceramic pieces in a dark clay , painted in white slip and then I’ll scratch the surface to experiment with my own lines and shapes.


IMG_5835 IMG_5832 IMG_5828 IMG_5777 IMG_5792 IMG_5806 IMG_5831 IMG_5772 IMG_5771

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In Majorca

Starting off a Blog in Andratx, Majorca  where i am staying with Maxine and Alex designing a new web site. We found some time yesterday to wander about a bit in the sun and ease our crazy computer brains. There’s a small garden next to the town hall filled with unusual plants, cacti and sculptures. Plenty of worn out painted doorways and sun baked buildings to inspire!  Zeus staring out across the town down to the port and out to sea.