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The Spring Collection at The Merchants Table

"Gold, thread, ceramic and clay, these materials mould themselves together, intertwined into individual small-scale vessels and bowls that emanate an energy of individual value and curiosity. These earthenware miniatures are a continued exploration of ceramicist Fliff Carr’s ritualistic practice throughout The Weight of Uncertainty projects during National lockdown. This assortment of clay pieces nods to her artistic process during lockdown of creating miniature vessels, each with their unique form and character, whilst transitioning the focus of the collection to the concepts of memory, the art of collecting and the sense of belonging treasures hold within our private spaces. These micro-environments display an inherent beauty in their small-scale detail. At an average height between just 3-6cm, their scale intrigues the eye towards the layers embedded within the surface of the vessels. Small embellishments or imprints intensify the narrative of each body, reminding us of the value we should hold to even the smallest items often discarded. The application of ceramic fragments on a pair of vessels, imprinted into their faces using a golden lacquer reminds us to explore the extraordinary value of our history, stories untold, now brought to the forefront. A cylindrical vessel, adorned with a clay stamp is nestled within the perimeter of a shallow dish. A group of three vessels, two white, one black form a dynamic ensemble of contrasting tones and characteristic silhouettes. These vessels and bowls sit beautifully as individual sets or can be purchased as a part of a collection of sets belonging to this body of work. Some vessels sit independently, whilst others congregate onto an earthenware rectangular plinth in matching colour, forming a marriage between them and a sense of belonging to a single place. These plinths hold imprints within their surfaces, providing accommodation to each individual vessel. The mark the vessels leave on the plinth is a memory of their value as unique objects and a place in our history." – Excerpt from The Merchants Collection


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