Lucinda and I have decided to open the studio for a Christmas Sale. A last minute decision ! With the closure of so many Design Fairs it will be lovely to welcome you into our work space and to meet in person albeit at a social distance!

I will be there every day EXCEPT Thursday. There is new work, familiar work and a big box of seconds.

You can book an appointment by clicking on this link: Click here to book a viewing slot

If you can't come at any of these times I’ll be making and selling for another couple of weeks so just email fliff@fliff.co.uk or call 07957436278 to arrange a visit.

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I'm delighted to be included in Siobhan O’Neill's Christmas Cornershop at Sweet Pea Jewellery.

Take some time to have a look and explore some of Siobhan's other selections at: https://sweetpeajewellery.com/collections/christmas-cornershop

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This specially commissioned collection celebrates Valentine's Day through an exhibition of work by a small selection of designer makers, displayed on the first floor of Fortnums for the month of February 2020.

I was delighted to be asked and created work themed with images of tulips and birds on plates, jugs, cups, and small treasure bowls with accents of gold and stamped detail.

After the lockdown directive on March 24rd I was struck by a phrase I heard describing “the weight of uncertainty”. I decided to translate this expression into a clay weight of 1 oz per day. 7oz in 7 days. I made a vessel everyday describing any feelings or information relevant to that day. I also wrote the date on the base of each piece.


The accumulated uncertainty over the ensuing 103 days of official lockdown are visually represented in this collection of vessels. They are all the same weight, are around 3-5 cm high and made of white and black earthenware clay. The darker clay reflecting days of darker mood. I stopped making them on July 4th when so many of the lockdown measures were lifted. 

On January 4th a third national lockdown was announced and I returned to my previous project The Weight of Uncertainty.  


This new work in progress is Part 2.  


Once again I am using 1 oz of clay  as the weight for each thrown vessel and I am making one for every day of this lockdown. The accumulating vessels represent the passing days and the weight of uncertainty felt within them. So far I have only used dark clay. 


Work In Progress